Depression 202 - How to Establish the "Home Base" to Begin Your Escape from Depression

The reason I've written this series as Depression "201 & not "101

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For people who have never been diagnosed or are having their first major depression episode, there is a MAJOR hurdle to jump. That hurdle is accepting what science is saying about the condition, and not what you've been taught.

The WORD, Depression, has a stigma.

Depression is a mental illness.

People with a mental illness get locked up.

People with a mental illness don't get the good jobs.

People with a mental illness have to take personality-erasing medications.

solets not talk about it.

orif we're going to talk about it, let's call it something else.

and let's talk about what I need to DO to get my life to a place I can be happy about.

I don't have a mental illness, my life is just crappy.

This is Depression 101 thinking!

The Depression novice thinks they have the blues because of events in their life.

The Depression novice may have toyed with a few of the surveys used to diagnose depression.

The Depression novice may still be dealing with some fear of what it will mean to own up to the diagnosis and accept treatment.

Depression 201 is, OK, I'll admit it. I have depression. I recognize I'm not the only one. I also want to look into proven ways of getting rid of it.

Depression 202 is, Depression is not a result of the circumstances of my life. It is the result of something happening in my brain. Therefore, I will act as a responsible caregiver and nurture myself back to a healthy place. I am determined to be a diligent student of my own condition, so that I can escape, QUICKLY, and STAY out. This starts with a comfortable and healing Home Base.

The Home Base

You will first have to clean up the work-site and establish a Home Base.

Think: Disinfecting the surgery-site, so that you can focus on your process, without unrelated bugs causing additional problems.

Since you are VERY serious about finding an answer, you must be careful in keeping your mental space as clean as possible.

  • If you are already on medications, do not alter them, without consulting a physicianeven as you begin to feel better.
  • If you are a tobacco user, I would not recommend any cold-turkey attempts to quit if you are in the middle of a depressive episode.
  • I would HIGHLY recommend abstaining from alcohol during a depressive episode. I give more detail in Depression 203, but in short, alcohol makes breaking out of depression a lot like trying to do Yoga without the benefit of gravity. You may be able to form the pose, but you will never find a true balance and any benefit will be EXTREMELY hard to detect.
  • Im serious, not even a glass of wine, in the beginning of this process and/or until you are completely free of your depressive episode.
  • If you can help it, delay any major decisions, conflicts or disruptions in your life. Avoid drama for a few weeks. You are about to process some powerful concepts. Theres not much that can't wait for a few weeks, while you graduate to a long-term higher quality of life.

Kept clean, the Home Base is a safe-room, a sanctuary and a classroom of learning.

It is a healthy and healing mental place that you build with bricksbricks of knowledgecemented together with pleasant feelings that you begin collecting, as the knowledge begins to affect your life.

Let me give you your first few bricks.

Brick #1

A person suffering from Depression may be predisposed to thinking a suggested treatment will not be effective for their particular symptoms.

Hopelessness is only ONE of the symptoms of depression. It is both indicative and normal for you to be skeptical of what you are reading, here. It is healthy for you to question it, as you follow through.

Heres something to be hopeful of: That skepticism will be a key ingredient in this process.

To NOT be skeptical is to have limited thoughts. Limited thoughts are trap of depression.

Skepticism is a HEALTHY thought process. Its your brain filtering out thoughts and ideas that may harm you. This is EXACTLY the muscle that we want to strengthen!

Brick #2

A person suffering from Depression may be predisposed to becoming distracted with WHY they are experiencing their particular symptoms.

In the dark cloud of Depression, it is easy to get caught up in the deep and philosophical arguments of WHY we feel the way we feel. To establish a calm and nurturing Home Base, let go of WHY for now.

Lets focus on feeling better first. You will learn WHY, automatically, as you move along in the process.

Brick #3

A person suffering from Depression may be predisposed to recurring episodes of extreme anxiety, hopelessness or sadness, even under medical or psychiatric care.

Statistically, even if you get happy, you almost certainly will suffer from a long bout of inexplicable and profound sadness again.

Those are old statistics.

Personally, I fall into a new category of people who have enacted newer therapies and suffer an ever-lessening number of relapses. I have had zero episodes of anything more than a few hours of the blues, since my professional treatment was concludedyesconcluded.

Brick #4

Emotions HAPPEN in the brain.

Depression Happens in the BRAIN.

Education CHANGES the structure of brain connections.

ACTING upon education changes what happens with those connections.

You are now learning how to clear DEPRESSION by short-circuiting EMOTION through ACTING on EDUCATION.

I am not using metaphor to say this: what you are about to do is non-invasive, brain surgery. You are about to literally re-wire an electrical and chemical system that has grown inside of you. You will be manipulating the specific system that determines how you FEEL about things that

  • Have happened in your life
  • Are happening in your life
  • Will happen in your life

This system alters the flow of the neuropeptides that affect your appetite, your mood and your memory. So, you see why clouding this system with other chemical additives, like alcohol or recreational drugs, could stump a process of rewiring and refiring brain function?

These four bricks are the foundation for your Home Base. Now you need to know how to apply them. You also need to feel some of the results of having used them. That's where I'm taking you.


This approach is not a shot in the dark. It is based on cutting-edge medical science and psychiatry that is JUST being widely accepted in the mental-health community.

(Instead of following a tangent on defending this process or explaining the medical/psychological side of it, I'll keep this personal and conversational, then give data references in the last chapter.)

Like some amazing lost science that's been rediscovered, or some secret design in nature, the concept fits, precisely, with most religions and ancient belief systems.

That being said, I am not a health-care professional nor a therapist. I do not have the qualifications to diagnose ANY condition.

(If you are having a mental emergency or think you might hurt yourself, dial 911, and all of that.)

The effects of Depression vary from person to person and even in the SAME person, it can take on different forms. I am not espousing this as THE treatment for them all, but I am relating it as ONE treatment.

However, as you'll see, I was prescribed and endured a number of different therapies. But THIS ONE has absolutely rid my life of severe depression. I hope you have the same results.

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