6 ways to make your day better in 6 minutes

Little things can trigger bad moodsespecially on Monday. Here are six ways to make a bad day better in just six minutes.

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1. Listen to your favorite bad day song and sing itloudly. Listening to upbeat music is proven to alter moods and alleviate depression.

2. Exercise . "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don't shoot their husbandsthey just don't." Elle Woods. She nailed it.

3. Laugh . Laughing at your favorite movie, TV show or GIF will make you forget about whatever's nagging you for at least a short period of time.

4. Get off Facebook. Social media can be positive. But if you're in a funk, it can become a negative thing. Looking through old photos can cause you to feel nostalgic and can, at times, intensify your bad mood.

5. Vent to a friend. Sometimes all it takes is a short vent-session to improve your day. Give yourself five minutes to complain about how bad your fabulous life is, throw in a few curse words and move on with your day.

6. Pour a glass of wine. Tried all these things to get your mind off your bad day? Pour ONE glass of wine. More than one will backfire and either make your more angry or turn your in to a sobbing mess. Trust me.

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