5 Things You Should Totally Do For Yourself

With all the gift giving during this time of the year, it's important to give to others, but to remember to give to thyself. Give these "must-haves" to the man or woman in the mirror looking back at you.

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I love this time of the year for so many wonderful reasons. What I love most and have come to accept are that some of the greatest gifts are the ones inside of me. As the season progresses, the year changes, and as we look to do big things, etc. etc., let us not forget the care that we must give to ourselves. Before the year turns the page on a new chapter in time, here are 5 beautiful gifts I am giving to myself and suggest you consider too!

  • We can never give enough of self love to ourselves. People, things, experiences fail us, however, the love that renews me is that which comes from God and allows me to love myself properly. Authentic self love truly allows for us to be what we need to be before we can be or give love properly to others.
  • Time to Purge. Purging, detoxing, unplugging, fasting or all of the above is so helpful to the soul that recognizes the need to release non-essentials from the mind, body, and spirit. Purging is a beautiful gift to oneself, because purging is the act of letting go, ie. Release and be renewed. What type of purging works for you? Do you need to fast and detox? Do you need to purge 'stuff' or personal belongings? Think about purging and what you need to rid from your life.
  • Forgiveness. This is truly a gift that gives in so many ways. Give the gift of forgiveness to yourself and to others by letting go of misunderstandings, hurt, and wrongdoings. Forgiveness goes hand in hand with purging, because forgiveness allows us to heal from all the things that we're wrong for us. It allows us to release negative feelings and situations, or at least allows us to begin the process for letting go of hurtful situations.
  • Clarity of Mind. What better way to enter the new season with a more focused mind and clarity around your desires, wants, and needs. Our mindsets are powerful influences and determine how we live out life, resetting it from time to time is healthy practice and a great gift of self love.Our mindsets are powerful influences and determine how we live out life, resetting it from time to time is healthy practice and a great gift of self love.Powered By the Tweet This PluginTweet This
  • Faith & Hope. Our best lives are realized when we take time to add faith and continued hope to our journeys. The gift of faith and hope help us to maintain a pace on this journey we call life. Surely these two riches should be applied to our hearts daily, for through them we are strengthened, encouraged, and inspired to live fully.

What gifts are you adorning yourself with this season?

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